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Local Stop concert series

The Local Stop concert series was started in Feb 2005 by myself, initially ment to give a space to local musical initiatives, bringing ‘classical STEIM music’ (improvised music with electronics). As opposed to the Kraakgeluiden concert series in Amsterdam (at that time a laboratory, with mainly completely free improv as experiment) the idea was to mainly program groups of people working on some kind of structure in their improvision. ‘Bands’ so to say, not big enough to play in the regular venues, but interesting enough to deserve a stage. Very soon resident astists at STEIM were added to the bill, and especially this combination became very strong. This resulted in 9 low-budget concert evenings that received a decent audience (20 - 40 people). Performers received €75 p.p., lodging and travel expenses with a maximum of €150 p.p.

Following are a number of reasons to keep the Local Stop series running:

  • with the changing character of the DNK concert series (formerly Kraakgeluiden), where there seems to be no longer any space in Amsterdam for low-budget and low-cost improv (structured or free), people are applying to Local Stop for opportunities to perform;
  • with regular changes in the artistic leadership of STEIM it seems desirable to keep programming the ‘traditional’ STEIM music, to make sure that that group of people (performers and audience) is not lost;
  • artists in residence quite often are asked for and interested in presenting their project to an audience - as they already receive support from STEIM this can usually be done in a relatively inexpensive way, combining it with local people not needing big travelcosts.

Past concerts:

Sonsoles Alonzo (prepared piano) & Jorrit Tamminga (computer)
Rasmus Jorgenson (theatrics)
Audrey Chen (voice & chello), Seamus Cater (harmonica) & Jeff Carey (laptop)

Alessandro Bosetti - solo
Adachi Tomomi - solo
James Fei, Uli Böttcher, Robert van Heumen - analog electronics and 2 laptops with a different approach

Laura Carmichael (pieces by Tolga Tüzün, Jos Zwaanenburg, Ronald Bruce Smith)
Oguz Buyukberber (video)
Audile + Keir Neuringer

David Wessel
Frances-Marie Uitti
Joel Ryan

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