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Lectures 2007

Via Atau:
Philippe Pasquier

Concerning the lecture, there are at least three options:
- I can present it like usual (40mn). It is a colloquium suitable for both expert and general audiences rather than a purely technical lecture. I have been giving it in various contexts, both academic (UniMelb, SIAL, SIAT, …) and non-academic (Vooruit, Avatar, …). It has always been well received and it usualy raises passionated debates within the audience.
- I can enhance the lecture with a demonstration of some of the tools discussed (some home-made softwares). It will make it a bit more alive.
- I can do a lecture and a performance (I have a 25 minutes electro-acoustic performance that I gave in Canada and in Germany). It is using one of the software discussed during the presentation. The only constraint is that I need a quadriphonic system for it.

Michel suggested combining this with:

  • Theo Janssen http://www.strandbeest.com/


  • Kim Cascone Oct 17 or 19 - we have to discuss first with art3 - Robert cancelled because no interest
  • Jaroslaw Kapuscinski/ Fran├žois Rose - Spectral Analysis as a Resource for Contemporary Orchestration Technique
  • NORIENT SOUNDLECTURE - NEUE MUSIK VON AUSSERHALB VON EUROPA / Thomas Burkhalter / via Roland/Melkweg (Lucas Evers)
  • Juan Parra, Kees Tazelaar, Game of life, Robert Henke

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