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Lectures 2007

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Via Atau:
Philippe Pasquier

Concerning the lecture, there are at least three options:
- I can present it like usual (40mn). It is a colloquium suitable for both expert and general audiences rather than a purely technical lecture. I have been giving it in various contexts, both academic (UniMelb, SIAL, SIAT, …) and non-academic (Vooruit, Avatar, …). It has always been well received and it usualy raises passionated debates within the audience.
- I can enhance the lecture with a demonstration of some of the tools discussed (some home-made softwares). It will make it a bit more alive.
- I can do a lecture and a performance (I have a 25 minutes electro-acoustic performance that I gave in Canada and in Germany). It is using one of the software discussed during the presentation. The only constraint is that I need a quadriphonic system for it.

Michel suggested combining this with:

  • Theo Janssen


  • Kim Cascone Oct 17 or 19 - we have to discuss first with art3 - Robert cancelled because no interest
  • Jaroslaw Kapuscinski/ Fran├žois Rose - Spectral Analysis as a Resource for Contemporary Orchestration Technique
  • NORIENT SOUNDLECTURE - NEUE MUSIK VON AUSSERHALB VON EUROPA / Thomas Burkhalter / via Roland/Melkweg (Lucas Evers)
  • Juan Parra, Kees Tazelaar, Game of life, Robert Henke

Artistic committee meeting April 11 - 14h

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Meeting with Atau, Mazen, Taku, Michel, Frank and Robert about hardware design, concerts, workshops and lectures.

Notes from the meeting (by Taku - edit if necessary):


  • 5 days off in July. Waiting for funding to see how many of Atau’s acts can be included in the program. if not many are included Steim can add some money to make a more full program.
  • Atau network/French scene night around September 20. An Atau hosted night introducing interesting acts from France
  • Bio sensor meeting in the Jamboree program. if we do it again this year.


  • First week or July and first week of August to invite 2 groups to record and perform with. He will just need some time in the studio and then curate an concert with those groups and also inviting other groups.
  • Trumpet input analog effect box. also during that time Mazen would like to experiment with different analog modules that can take his trumpet as an input source. Frank, Nico, Jorgen can see if they have something lying around that he can play with.
  • Something in October. Mazen will be in Europe again in October, some kind of concert should be organized then.

To dos:

  • Atau and Mazen need to secure scheduling for themselves, invited artists and steim. Especially Mazen since tickets are getting expensive for the summer time
  • Frank, Nico and Jorgen should see if they have any analog modules that Mazen can use
  • Although July is our low activity month, we seem to have quite a bit going on. Staff scheduling and work load during that time has to be reviewed

Addition by Atau:

I have confirmation from Patrick Fontana of Grenze ( that they are available 20/9. They have also given an idea for something to develop in a mini-residency if possible - this description is in French at the moment, they will have Engl translation next week.

I also had reply from Jerome Noetinger/Lionel Marchetti - they are checking on their availability for 20/9.