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Artistic committee meeting March 21 - 11h

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Meeting mainly about new projects with Michel, Taku, Frank, Daniel and Robert.


  • Projects - online on the intranet
  • Workshops - online in a post on the Artistic Blog - on the intranet
  • Concerts - online in a post on the Artistic Blog - on the intranet


  • Kim Cascone Oct 17 or 19
  • Jaroslaw Kapuscinski/ Fran├žois Rose - Spectral Analysis as a Resource for Contemporary Orchestration Technique
  • NORIENT SOUNDLECTURE - NEUE MUSIK VON AUSSERHALB VON EUROPA / Thomas Burkhalter / via Roland/Melkweg (Lucas Evers)
  • other lecture ideas: Juan Parra, Kees Tazelaar, Game of life, Robert Henke


  • exhibition at Energetica in the museum weekend
  • Gaudeamus muziekweek 2007 / Gaudeamus would like to have a fringe program at steim
  • Goethe Instituut / for a concert series with duo’s they would like steim to propose a duo for a concert in june
  • Japan connection 2008
  • JAUNA MUZIKA april 20-28 / electronic and electroacoustic music festival Vilnius, Lithuania / Atau, Taku, Robert, Keir Neuringer and Tom Tlalim will go
  • Croatia -Rijeka - july / festival artistic group Palach / exhibition & concert by Taku, Robert & Keir Neuringer