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the king of plop!


I know this is almost a year late but I found this and wanted to say how Waisvisz has brought me joy in virtually any performance of his I've heard. Just one example: his playing on the ICP Steve Lacy record Lumps. Practically every sound he makes on that record brings a smile to my face. He taught me the beauty and joy of crackling. Thank you.

Robert Iannapollo

J'ai pu connaître Michel, trop peu. C'était un grand musicien, un homme aimable et généreux.. Mes condoléances à tous ses proches.

Jean Louis Larcebeau

Merci à toi Michel pour m'avoir apporté ainsi qu' à nos étudiants une vision moins académique de la musique et de l'interactivité.
Merci à toi et à ta gentillesse, Michel.


Joel Grelier

I have met you once playing at [tag] in Den Haag. Rolling a suitcase on wheels filled with equipment into the exhibition space . After your concert, I had a chance to speak with you. You were open, kind, and humble. A demeanor which not reflected the vast achievements you have contributed to the field of electronic music. I now only realise that I discovered the field which I hold so dear through a 1986 recording called "New Computer Music" which featured "The Hands" as well as work by Paul Lansky and Curtis Roads. And now, after months, I still have a newspaper clipping on my wall with the heading: "Uitvinder Van De Interactieve Kraakdoos"... but you have done much more for so many of us. Once and a while I play with your Cracklebox and cannot help to enjoy the humor which was part of you, inside the instrument. Thank you and rest in peace.

Maurits Fennis

I did not know you passed away,
I was in the hague academy in the same time you started there and saw you performing between magic wires and lights in your first try outs. The impression still lives in me that 's why I contribute. We had a great time all of us... Mieke

mieke merckx

Lunga vita agli sperimentatori come Michel!
Condoglianze da tutto lo staff di Tempo Reale.

Francesco Giomi

Hi Michael,

thank you for the mind opening work. Who will continue? You will survive in our memories.

Marc Lingk

I'll never forget seeing M. play in a Wessel-organized gig at the pompidu center- early midi days- and Michel was hooked up, that is, his "hands" were hooked up to a "YAMAHA TX816" - sort of like an array of V8 motors- anyway, he couldn't stop playing- the "human" dimension took over--a kind of rapture of the deep. Instructive, but above all, very very funny-- he had the right face for that. Glad he was there.

zack settel

Rest in peace man.

Maarten Ornstein

Dear Michel,

unfortunately I learned about your illness too late te be able to say goodbye to you personally. I want to thank you warmly for the wonderful years we worked together at STEIM. We started our cooperation in the mid-seventies when you arrived at STEIM with your initial ideas on developing 'crackle boxes'. Together we developed the brown wooden crackle box that was hand built by ourselves in the hundreds and also the 'kraakkoffer', for several years your main instrument on stage. A real highlight was the 'Crackle exhibition' in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam where you, Nico Bes and myself designed and built a living room with electrified furniture and appliences that all produced crackle noises and/or images. I especially remember the coockoo clock, a real masterpiece! Another highlight in our cooperation was the music theatre piece 'De Slungels' for the Holland Festival in 1982 (?). Your idea to have robots take the places of performers and vice versa was brilliant ! I clearly remember how much fun we had to develop and use the brutal 'puntmuts' and the sexy 'cofa' robots. Following that play we made a tour with some robots to France, Italy and Poland that I will never forget. It was such a great pleasure to be inspired by you, to share our successes and failures, to see these interesting places and meet all these interesting people!
Our last joint project before I left Steim in 1984 was the development of the first version of Hands, for which I developed the hardware and software in close cooperation with yourself. This instrument clearly opened up a range of new ideas for musical control, both from an HCI point of view as well as artistically. We have met occasionally in the years after. These meetings were always highlights in our long-standing relationship. I have seen you develop as a musician, composer and leader of STEIM over the years. Always faithful to yourself and loyal to the people around you. I am very sorry that we will have no opportunity to meet again in the future and have fun together thinking about new possibilities that we could work on together. Yet, I am very pleased that I had to opportunity to share a decade of my professional and personal lifes with you Michel! I personally find inspiration and comfort in all those splendid memories of you.

Johan den Biggelaar

As I learn only now about Michel's Early departure, I am shuttered wih opposite and mixed feelings...It has been long time since I've dwelled the Steim galaxy a few years back, writing my m.a. thesis on it, with invaluable help and inspiration from Michel.
Surely you'll be missed!
Have fun with incredible and unheard sound-producing mechanisms wherevere you are now!

Luca Recupero

Michael, I am sure you still are making noises and new instruments in Heaven! Plase make a STEIM there, for sure I will apply to make a project with networked clouds. A Kiss! Carlos

Carlos Sandoval

Thanks a lot for the way You humanized the electronics

Bent Nielson


i still remember our brief encounter in amsterdam in 1995, riding in your van and laughing ... your work and your sounds are always near ...


Ricardo Arias

He was an inspiration. A true radical. I'm still trying to master the Crackle Box, and am intending to buy a second. I myself have modified old radios and synthesizers, with home built electronics, producing wonderfully unexpected sounds. Sheer joy. The very sad news of his death has fired up my creative spirit, and I hope to release some new music soon, which I will dedicate to Michel.


Andrew Cox

Since, as an adolescent, I watched "Het anarchistenbal", my life has never been the same. Thanks for that.

Hans Lasschuit

Thanks for your inspiration and adventurous visions...

Tim Terpstra

Dear people,

When I worked on my play about Lev Theremin, I got a lot of support of Michel.
He met Lev, and had wonderfull storys, to tell about him. Then we could book a studio and place to live
for our composer from Croatia Stanco, Later we heard, two theremins exploded.
Michel said things like that should be possible. Anything to keep composers at work.
Later we had a music session, I sang, made noices, he did his electronic gloves.
If you find the tape, keep me in mind. Last contact was by telephone, he said
he had to defend Steim, creative work, had to be suspendid for a year.
Whoever this reads, it is so important for all of us that there are people like
him who make things possible and help you out on a none commercial basis.
Take care strength, Karina Holla.

Thankyou Michel for your unique vision and for having the passion, focus and energy to realise it, causing inspiration to countless musicians and artists then, now and in the future. Your work will not be forgotten.

Hilary Jeffery

We make waves and we never know where they end up. I never met you but you affected me and excited my mind.

John Berndt

Dear Michael,

that is much too early for disappearing. You were a man full of energy and believing in your vision. Even against all the critics you had you progressed and specially in the eighties you were someone young composers were looking for as a model of how it could go on with live-electronic music.

It is a pity that you hadn´t the time to fullfill your life with books and teaching an going around as a grandseigneur of electronic music.

J.U.Lensing (Duesseldorf)

As sealion I played something for Michel (its about 75-80% of the way through the video) using an fm3 Buddha machine (euro-Chinese sample device), a tom bugs handmade postcard weevil08 (from Bristol, if you don't know him, invite him, seriously, I am so impressed by him, one of the best of his generation) and, Michel's cracklebox, on the granite block breakwater last week . I was the old guy with a group of young 18-24 year old artists. They lug a portable marine battery, powered speakers and a mixer to public sites for guerilla sound events. This one was at the end of the harbour breakwater at 2 pm on a tourist Sunday. Out of respect the audience (startled but not abusive) were not filmed since they had no idea what was going on. Their kids loved it! Tom bugs sees Michel as a grandfather for what he is now doing. It all seemed just right, you know.

Legacy, not memorials. On we go, teaching and exploring. Thanks Michel.

Best wishes Lorne Hammond, Victoria, Bc Canada
[Performing as: sealion/ kidtronic/lorne in canada]


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moron , who has made this scene happen:

Wish I knew you beyond just your work...

Marc Chia

Too soon. Way too soon.

Christopher Butterfield

tanks for this beautiful (and non academic) tool that STEIM is.



Luca Forcucci

play on my friend

Jan Gosselaar

I am very sorry to hear of Michael's passing; he will be missed.

Gary Gomes

I knew Michel as 'Pata", my virtual “second life” neighbor, we wasted time together and played with an odd virtual instruments he made called a “Patafone” when the real weather was cold and gloomy and our virtual world sunny and warm. His passing saddens me, I will miss him.

Styler (aka Bella Utu)

Stunned, just stunned. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Rest in peace.


He was a visionary.

Andrew Cox

I did not expect to write this here, I thought Michel would somehow beat this, but alas I found out just by typing his name in the search engine. I can't express how Michel changed my life musically. We worked for the first time together around 78 and it was a revelation. I would not exaggerate to say that he completely set the course for my outlook on music. I was so fortunate to have played the Crackle Box with him and with many other live bands. Not only musically, but Michel was a genuinely generous person, loving and incredibly funny. He wrote to me late 2007 with the dreadful news of his illness and exchanged several beautiful letters where we looked back on our younger years, I am so happy we did. I will miss him so much but he will forever be in my heart. Truus

Truus de Groot

I am totally touched
and incredibly shocked by Michel's disappearance.
Such a strong rock of a guy..!

Marie Goyette

what terribly sad news. michel was a extraordinary professional inspiration, but also a supportive and warm friend during my years in amsterdam. it was michel who told us about the town in france where kristi and i now live, so we owe him for that, too. (he talked about moving here too, but got diverted at the last minute. damn). we have lost a special and wonderful man.

john thackara

What sad and shocking news! Michel's work touched my life as it did many others - his music and STEIM are great legacies.

Elliott Sharp

What compassion!
You have done as much for “music” as “anyone” in this lifetime.
I have never forgotten your generosity.
Butch Morris

May you fare well dear Michel. Thank you for all your inspiring work.

Cesar Villavicencio

I was looking forward to seeing you again in Amsterdam...
You are extraordinary. I can't thank enough for your support, enthusiasm and openness.
You will be deeply missed and remembered by all of us.
May your soul rest in peace now, Michel.

Yutaka Makino

Farewell to someone who has spread ideas, inspiration and encouragement throughout the world, whose musical vision has informed a thousand others.

Richard Barrett

thank you, michel
we'll keep on touching

andrey sechkovsky

Lieve Michel,

Mijn herinnering aan jou is niet recent, maar uit de schoolbanken op de Delftsche Schoolvereniging , bijna 50 jaar geleden. Je was een eigenzinnig en hartveroverend jongetje toen en zo zie ik je nog steeds voor me. Het was een schok om te horen, dat je er niet meer bent en ik kan het me ook nauwelijks voorstellen. Ik vergeet nooit hoe we elkaar in de ogen keken bij kaarslicht tijdens de kerstviering op school, zo teder. Niet verliefd, maar innige vriendjes en zo zal ik je altijd herinneren.

Yolande van Rompu


i saw him speak and perform in cologne
just a few months ago it seems

he was alive and funny and full of ideas

eddi sommer

Rust in vrede Michel

Bart Aelbers

I worked with STEIM a long time ago. Michael asked me once for a ride home, from Amsterdam to Delft. We had interesting discussions on the way, and did not agree all the way.

I am really sorry he died so early, and wish his family & friends the strength to memorize & tell the good and the bad stories.

Pieter Bastemeyer

Jeannot Waisvisz en overige familie en vrienden,
gecondoleerd met het overlijden van Michel,
libie nanga krachti
fam.Fakkel A'dam, Leiden, V'hove

familie Fakkel

Michael will allways be with us, to let us be inspired
thank you

Joao Martinho Moura

Lieve Michel,
Always radiating a beautiful, warm, loving energy and that's how I will remember you.
Lots of love and strenght for Kristina, Rosa and everybody who loves Michel

Kirsten Drooger

dear michel,
you have gone too soon and the world is just a little more silent without your dynamic sounding presence. my strength and love to kristina, rosa and the steim world that you built.

Chris Salter

he inspired me from the moment I found out about his amazing work and when i met him I knew why - his honest and infectious curiosity. What is so sad is the fact that so few people in the world have the open and wonderful energy that he did - Im shocked and saddened, I will remember him as a true change agent

Ghislaine Boddington

Hats off to Michel. Rest in peace.

Massimo Ricci

We are very sad - we miss you, your friedship, your ideas, your energy! and we will never forget the beautiful times we had together!

Bruno Spoerri and Dorine Abegg

I am very sad to hear that Michel is not with us anymore. We will keep a good memory of him and his work, particularly the event playground - touch taking place in 2001 in Bern including a very emotional performance of Michel on 11.September 2001. All information of this project is still online at

Dominik Landwehr, Migros-Kulturprozent Zürich, Switzerland

Michel was one of the very most important pioneers in live-electronics and in making this area of musical development an absolute valuable performing art. We will miss his energetic stage performances and his unvaluable input to Steim.

Godfried-Willem Raes

I havn't had the privilage to know Michel personally, but he was an icon in improvised electronic music. I just want to expres my support to STEIM, and most of all to Michel's friends and family.


Michel has been a driving force, a gardener of gestures. The few times I was lucky enough to talk to Michel have been times I will not forget. Michel, Vaya con Dios. You are missed.

Gil Wasserman

I met Michel several times at STEIM and he was always a generous human being. His work has inspired us all and his passing comes as a great sadness to me. His memory will last in the music that is created through electronics, spontaneity, and touch.

Dan Wilcox

Michel touched so many people\\\'s lives and made it possible for so many of us
to make our music and to have a great musical extended family. His presence
will be greatly missed.


As many others also I was shocked to hear you had to leave us so ...... early. You were always so inspiring and helpfull. Well Michel, I will go on my own feet now and crackle a lot to keep your spirit alive. X Rene

Rene van Commenee (Mr Averell)

Starting from the 70's Michel played several times in Lugano (Switzerland) for the Oggimusica festival, and every time it was a delightful experience. A few months ago he played again here for the Swiss Radio concerts and I was very happy to discover that after all this time his music was still as living and warm as ever. Myself and all the Oggimusica friends will miss him a lot.

Mario Conforti

I'm so sorry and deeply touched by Michels death.
I was lucky to meet him and even play with him last october at my first stay at STEIM, which was a very special and unique experience. Thank you, Michel!
I won't forget your warmth, curiosity and openness.

He was a special person. His spirit will live on.


Sabine Vogel

Michael gave a face to interactive electronic music in the Netherlands for many years. With Steim he offered artists a warm and inspiring 'home'. For that and much more, I thank him and I wish his family and friends all the strengt they need.
Geurt Grosfeld

Condolences to Michel's family and friends.

Glen DeVore

Rock on.


What a terrible shock... my condolences and best wishes to his family and STEIM.

Tom Ritchford

What a shock, and a terrible surprise. Michel was a free thinker, a free spirit, an inspiration... It is so sad to see him go. What a great loss to the musical community. My condolences to all his family, friends and collegues.

Benjamin Thigpen

I really feel bad about it, because i didn't have the oportunity even to meet him. But i could share the space that he built.. so i just can thank him for it. I went for a worshop about 2 months ago.

I hope STEIM continues and we can meet us soon, with the project and dream that all of us have inside. Thanks

Brenda Lisset Armendia Salgado

I am so saddened to hear that Michel has left us. I first became aware of him and STEIM's work when I saw him play 'Touch Monkeys' at ICMC in Den Haag, 1986, and my world was changed forever. Thanks to his interest and support for my own project I became a very privileged and grateful guest at STEIM for many memorable visits in the '90's, and will always remember his warmth, humour, energy and individuality, ever inspiring. Without Michel a whole part of my life would simply not have happened.

Once, after a festival in Berlin in which we had both performed but which had not gone at all well for me, he and Frank Baldé lent a kind ear in the hotel bar. The next morning as I went to my car to start the long drive back to London, with a feeling of despondency, I noticed a note under a windscreen wiper. Michel had taken the trouble to find my car and write a message of encouragement to keep going, not lose heart, and accept that not everything will go smoothly but that it will all work out in the end. I held that note all the way home.

The world has lost a true original and a man of rare generosity of heart. Thanks for everything Michel and rest in peace..
My sincere condolences to family and friends.

Walter Fabeck

In our hearts 4ever...


michel, ik ben erg blij met wat ik van je heb meegemaakt, je gastvrijheid, enthousiasme, je muziek--en verdrietig dat de ontwikkeling / verdieping van die vriendschap niet meer verder kan gaan.

heel veel sterkte voor familie & steim.

robbert van hulzen

Dear Michael,

You were a great artist and a poet. This world has lost a true visionary.
When I came from a Balcan war zone to Amsterdam you were one of the persons
in Amsterdam because of which I stayed over there for 11 years. It even did not
happen through any direct help or something. It was just because you were there in
Amsterdam, in Steim!

Sleep in peace,

Dan Oki

Such a warm, inspiring, gentle yet hugely stimulating man. From the first moment I met Michel he oozed genuine enthusiasm and brilliance. I feel privileged to have met him and send heartfelt condolences to his family.

Sarah Nicolls (UK)

Lieve Michel,
Ik zal altijd met warmte in mijn hart en een glimlach op mijn gezicht aan je terug denken.
Je was zo'n mooi mens.

Sterkte voor familie en alle Steim medewerkers!

Irene Kress

Always in my heart! I feel so intensely happy to have known you and so intensely sad you left us way too early.
Kristina and little Rosa my heart goes out to you.


Hellen Drooger (Spain)

We knew Michel Waisvisz as someone overflowing with warmth and generosity. It was an inspiring privilege to have met and worked with him. We wish his family, his friends and STEIM love and strength in dealing with this terrible loss.

Hester Aardse and Astrid van Baalen
Pars Foundation

I first saw Michel Waisvisz perform at the Roundhouse in London, 1972. It was energetic, original, and impressive. In 1986, I organized a sold-out concert by Michel at a church near Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. That evening, I was fortunate to capture the spirit of this great performer in a recording. As is well known, Michel was notoriously wary of recordings of his live performances. Nonetheless, he gave permission to release my recording of his performance on the compact disc “NEW COMPUTER MUSIC” by Wergo (2010-50). Listen up.

Curtis Roads

I try not to cry
We're grown ups after all
I know people die..
So I think of funny sounds
the whistle on your answering machine
the stupid mouth sounds
birds come to mind....
I count myself one of they lucky ones
I got to know how crazy you are
And then I feel the silence
the questions of those who did not hear you
and the little one who misses you
and I cry....
It is going to take a while


My memory of you will always be fused with and inseparable from your love for our garden in Oakland. Happy travels!


Oh brother I cant, I cant get through
Ive been trying hard to reach you, cause I dont know what to do
Oh brother I cant believe its true
Im so scared about the future and I wanna talk to you
Oh I wanna talk to you


More than 40 years ago we met for the first time.
Dernier Salut,

Michel ,

Met you briefly, but you will remain in me as an inspiring force.
Your enthusiasm and warm generosity, I will never forget.

My gratitude to you,

Pablo Troccoli.

Cher Michel, mon cousin, mon ami
I will miss you always. Thank you for inspiring all of us-- you taught me about love, about art, about life.
I will never forget you.
We lost you too soon, but I hope you have found peace.
With love, always,

Sarah Waisvisz

denkend aan de dood kan ik niet slapen en niet slapen kan ik denkend aan de dood.
maar luisteren kan altijd en niet vergeten
met innige deelname aan de familie, met name vader Jacques en de familie´steim´

Monika van der Zwan

Dear Michel,
how sad to know you gone. the message of your departure came to me unexpected as we havent been in touch for a while.

I am very thankful for all your power that you put into the development and improvment of nowadays music and can tell taht I will miss your appearance
and high energy performance style.

all the best and hope to meet you again in another reality

Frank Schulte

Dear Michel,

Thank you for your openness and enthusiasm during the brief time I knew you. Sidsel, Ursula and I will miss your visits.

Amsterdam is impoverished by your departure.

Jamie Hodge

Wij vlogen in een tweemotorige chessna laag over zee langs de brokkelige kust van Bretagne. Lager dan de roze rotsen. Jij wilde daar graag langs, op weg naar 1 van je concerten in Parijs, om te zien waar je vader had gevochten.
Het was spannend. Het was gevaarlijk. We genoten.
We konden immers niet doodgaan?

Ik hoop dat Martin en Josien op je wachten.

Ik wens Kristine, Rosa, Maurits en je vader Jacques heel erg veel sterkte toe.

Jacomien Rozendaal

Mijn Medeleven aan de familie, collega’s en vrienden voor een van de grootste inspirators die ik in mijn leven heb mogen ontmoeten.

Michel, Ik zal je nooit vergeten.



Ray Edgar

It was when I met Laurie Anderson only a few weeks ago that I heard about the reason why Michel was ill. It is shocking to hear that he has left earth this soon... He was a really nice person and an inspiration when I saw him as a young kid on TV.
He liked the 'Great War' I made with Hotel Modern very much. I considered that an honour. His thinking about music and technology was always interesting.

Sterkte familie en STEIM!

Arthur Sauer

Willem Minderhout

A great man has left us an empty stage...

My expressions of sympathy and support to all the wonderful people at STEIM.


Dirk Volman

I first met Michel in Gronnegen at a festival. I was playing with Anthony Braxton's Orchestra in 1978, he came on stage with a singer and blew my mind so much I still talk about it. I was very saddened to hear this news, but his electrons live on


vinny golia

cool thank you


michel was one of the true muses and artistic inspirators traveling among the rest of humanity – his spirit will live on in countless ways. i am grateful for the magical times we shared, the enchanting seeds of ideas he planted and for inviting me with open arms to be part of the steim community.

sending light & love to kristina, rosa and my friends at steim


tina blaine

Vandaag pas drong het nieuws bij ons in Oxford door. Wat een verlies! Geweldige herinneringen aan zijn BIM huis concerten in de jaren 70. Een van zijn kraakdozen staat op een mooie plek in onze kamer. Een groot muzikant & performer. Hij laat een leegte achter.


The sad news of Michel's passing will be with us for a while, but the happy news of his time on earth and good things he gave us will be with us longer.

Carl Stone

Peace to its soul. Until ... already!

Pedro Tudela

Wat gebeurt er allemaal?
Omdat ik mezelf wat buiten de circuits heb geplaatst wordt ik nu alleen nog maar geschokt door iemands overlijden.
Vorige week Nan Hoover en nu Michel.
Lieve Michel, ik ben er trots op dat ik met je heb mogen samenwerken.
Je was een inspirerende, aimabele vriend en collega . We zagen elkaar te weinig. Dat kunnen we niet meer inhalen. Een groot verlies.
Sterkte, famile en Steim-crew.

René Coelho.


the few talks we had, I will always remember. You are a great inspiration!
To Kristina and your daughter I wish much strength in the coming time.
Also to the rest at STEIM, and STEIM itself, who has now lost its father...

Marije Baalman

We, the staff and students of DasArts, are knocked down by the loss of Michel.
We have learned to know him as an inspiring and warm-hearted artist and
teacher, who gave generous support to the development of many of our
students in the electronic performance arts.
Michel has been also our mentor of Block 23 "The Grand Integration Game". We
would like to conclude with a personal statement by Michel, that he wrote
during Block 23:

Playing is learning
Making games is teaching
Teaching is an invitation to play
Learning is playing

Michel, thank you for your warmth, inspiration and joy of life.
Our deepest condolences to Kristina and Rosa and family and friends.

Stichting DasArts

Een droevige gebeurtenis en een groot verlies.

Timo Mank

God may have ordered her/his first CRACKLE BOX, but Michel, how could you leave us so abruptly in the middle of the concert?

always Alvin C

Alvin Curran

your big smile will stay deeply in my heart...
thank you, michel


Last year I bought one of Michels reissue crackle-boxes and last week
I played it in a concert for the first time. Thank you Michel.
Hainer Wörmann

Michel, you appeared in my life like an enchantment, your generosity, your humanity have profoundly transformed me. We became partners immediately, in words, in the magic of our combined sounds, in our looks and smiles. In you I found a father, a friend, an alter ego.
Michel, your huge heart and sensibility where unique and have brought me warmth. You went away so fast. We still had so much to do, to imagine, to live through.
Michel, the CD is out, it is magnificent. Michel, I will never forget you.
Christina, Rosa, I’m thinking about you and about the happiness you used you carry around wherever you went. May you find the strength to overcome the pain.

Christine Sehnaoui

bedankt Michel,
voor al die jaren van inspirerende performances van jou en met anderen in Steim en elders;
in touch with sound ; je geliefden veel sterkte toegewenst, Ricardo Huisman

You have been my mentor for three month but it was inspiring and becoming full for life time, I can tell about Micheal that he like to play and to Imagine, he like to be surprise’s, like the unexpected, he like to be child, to laugh, to share, give and to love. He was surround with a beautiful family, I wish all strength and love to Kristina, Rosa, Steim's and friends. Micheal was touching sound his word and spirit lives forever.


Hila Peled - Flashkes

Michel, het was altijd fijn om met je samen te werken!. Wat je nu te vroeg moet achterlaten bewonder ik zeer. Het muziekleven zal je lef en visie missen.
Steim en Michels familie: heel veel sterkte gewenst.

René Uijlenhoet

Michel: we never met, yet you nevertheless had an impact on my work. The noises I make would not have been possible without your contributions to the field. Thanks, we'll remember you...

Marcel Wierckx

Lieve Michel...
je opende onze ogen en oren toen je in de jaren '70 gastlessen gaf op de IVKO school. Je kraakdoos heeft mij en anderen geïnspireerd tot het maken van elektronische muziek en muziek instrumenten.
Michel, je hebt niet voor niets geleefd.
Heel veel sterkte aan je familie!

Ramon Coelho

Hoi Michel,

Vandaag gaan we je begraven. Ik voel een droefheid alsof ik een vader verlies. Ik mis vooral nu je manier om met moeilijke situaties om te gaan, om elk negatief ding om te zetten in iets positiefs, om met een goed geplaatste opmerking de spanning weg te nemen. Misschien kun je dat vandaag nog één keer voor me doen? Dan probeer ik het vanaf morgen zelf...

Robert van Heumen

How fast things change, it seems so close (2004) that met Michel briefly at STEIM while we were worked on the Quartet Project. I had heard so much about him from my friends and colleague who had the greatest esteem for is creatively and visions. We took big steps in our project as the time ran past.…. Now I am very sad to hear… how fast things change…. my heart felt condolences to Michel close and extended family.

Margie Medlin

Alweer bijna 9 jaar geleden werkte ik bij STEIM aan de website en ik denk
nog steeds met heel veel plezier terug aan de samenwerking met Michel; wat
een aardige en inspirerende man! Het spijt mij heel erg dat hij zo jong is

De website die ik toen maakte, draait na al die jaren nog steeds (waar
maak je dát nou nog mee!). Ik ben er best trots op, maar ik had veel liever
gezien dat Michel tot in lengte van dagen zijn muziek ten gehore kon brengen.

Ik wens iedereen bij STEIM heel veel sterkte bij dit verlies.

rijk van kooy

Although my conversations with Mr Waisvisz were short and sporadic, he showed kindness and grace in those interactions. It was a pleasure to have known him so briefly. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

Roy Vanegas

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in what must be an incredibly difficult time. Condolences, heartfelt regret, and sadness... and yet... much appreciation and support for those who bear the loss of a loved one. We keep you at the forefront of our hearts and minds.

Jonah & Katherine

m'n ontdekker(1984) is dood. sprak hem zelden sindsdien, maar mis hem nu. het dak is er af. sterkte, steim. veel sterkte, familie.

han buhrs

very sad
ever an inspiration and what a guy
johannes frisch

dag lieve mooie performans

erik beemster

Dank voor het vertrouwen, de kansen en de steun die je gaf aan een jongere generatie.
Veel sterkte toegewenst aan Kristina en Rosa en alle mensen van Steim, jullie zijn in onze gedachte.

Radboud Mens en Aldje van Meer

Adieu Michel.
I'll always remember your speech about artistic sensibility for the first Touch festival... and that last time we met, when you were saying I should make holes here and there in my saxophone in order to fix sensors all over and for ever... and that funny conversation about adding more antennas in order to maximise wireless distances. . . I'm adding one for you now.

Pascal Boudreault

Ik dacht (rond 1977) dat ik wel het een en ander van electronische muziek wist. En daar kwam een mannetje met twee zaken die onbeschrijfelijk veel lawaai maakten: Moniek Toebosch en een Kraakdoos.

Vervolgens gingen mijn oren open. Heerlijk.

Mijn dank, alsnog.

Rob Rieter

Tenslotte toch en weer Michel,
Vanaf 1973 tot nu,het was niet gemakkelijk.Er volgt nog een leuke foto uit de Vrije Academie jaren. Plug in your teacher!
Dank voor je support en de nieuwe muziekwereld waarin je mij bracht.
De stekker is eruit,je bent nu zelf deel van de electriciteit geworden.........
Yvonne Oerlemans

Lieve Michel,Vanaf het begin al kwam je bij ons.Ruim twintig jaar geleden.Wij hebben je leren kennen als een lieve en innemende man.We zouden nog samen eten bij ons en daar is helaas niets van gekomen.Verleden jaar was je nog bij ons,toen was er nog niets van jouw ziekte bekend.Althans bij ons niet.Je hield zo van blado.Lieve Michel,wat zullen we jou missen. Rust zacht.

Rene en Peggy/coffee and jazz
Michiel Borstlap

(marieke lucas) rene en peggy,coffee and jazz(michel borstlap)

You always showed up with a possibility each time i met you.
Sharing possibilities in conversations and while sharing food-
Offering me a living and working space in Amsterdam.
Thank you, dear neighbour and friend, Michel.
I wished so much we could have found a possibility to have your sparkling eyes and big heart longer around us.

cher Michel,
c'est en français que je te dis adieu (plutot au revoir) car je sais que tu aimais cette langue ainsi que les Ardennes belges où tu venais te reposer et dont nous avions parlé. Je t'ai rencontré dans lecomité scientifique de Locus sonus à Aix en Provence et chaque fois que nous nous sommes vus cela a été avec un plaisir convivial dont je me rappelerai.
Je sais que là haut, tu continueras à inventer des instruments et des sons fascinants qui enrichiront la gamme des anges.
Tot ziens sonic manneke!

Philippe Franck

Touching sound.
You made it happen.

I wish all the strength to the family, friends and STEIM to get through these sad sad times and continue with the vision and spirit of this unique man.

Guy Harries

Quand on voyait Michel, sur scène, écartant les bras tel King Kong en déclenchant un rugissement à la fois drôle et effrayant, on avait du mal à imaginer ce qu'il était aussi: le visionnaire, l'inspirateur et l'organisateur qui ne baissait jamais les bras.
Salut, Michel

Georges Bloch

This is an enormous loss for the experimental music community. Michel was not only a unique artist, he was also a major catalyst. Just going through the condolence register and looking at the names of the people he has touched in one way or another gives us a tiny idea of the huge importance he has had for our community.

Guy De Bièvre

Seldom does one person's life touch so many other people! He was a great pioneer and creative force. My sincere condolences to all at steim and his family and friends.

Adinda van 't Klooster

so viele worte mit dir geteilt
jetzt sind keine da
tiefe gefuehle
keine worte


Michel was a special person in the world. I am very sad to that he has gone from it.

G.H. Hovagimyan

Lieve Michel,

Geschokt las ik het bericht van je overlijden. Ik wist niet dat je ziek was, daarvoor was ons contact te spaarzaam de laatste jaren. Ik ben trots dat ik voor de unieke muzikant die jij bent heb mogen werken en samen met Johan den Biggelaar de eerste software versies van de Handjes heb mogen uitdenken en bouwen. Nooit zal ik de warme en diepgaande gesprekken in de zeilboot of bij ons aan de keukentafel vergeten. Ik hoop dat je in een kraakdoos bent opgebaard en als het ontweert zal ik altijd aan je denken!

Liefs, Wim Rijnsburger

we will miss you. strength to his family and friends. you will continue to inspire us.

terri hron

i wish to the steim crew to continue their actions even more intensively after this tragic loss, and prove that michel's energy has been received and passed on by everyone being involved with him and steim in one way or another in the many past years... this is a responsibility everybody should share, in his honor.

sincere condolences to everyone.

relja bobic

Il n'y aura plus la Volvo rouge s'arrêtant dans le parking de l'école et ma secrétaire en joie m'appelant : "votre ami est arrivé !"
Comme ami, collaborateur, membre de jury, intervenant ou expert, Michel était chez lui à l'école supérieure d'art d'Aix en Provence.
Michel faisait partie de la chair de cette école et de ses projets les plus intéressants
Nous avons vécu avec lui des temps forts inoubliables qui se déroulaient et finissaient dans la joie autour d'une table gourmande.
J'ai en tête la musique de sa voix qui déroulait dans un français parfait des histoires pleine d'humour et d'émotion
Cette émotion aujourd'hui est triste, terriblement triste.

jean-Paul Ponthot

Rest in peace -we will miss you,but your work will live on forever.You have touched many lives,and have inspired and uplifted many souls.

Mel Morley

Dag lieve Michel

Betsy Torenbos

One day the pain would be gone; but never the memory - Arthur C. Clarke

Good bye, Michel

Keitaro Terasaki

Bye Michel,

it was a pleasure to know you even a few days in Aix-en-Provence, i remember the human being you are. A lesson.


Michel en STEIM waren diegene die mij op het spoor van electronische muziek brachten. Heb veel geleerd daar gedurende mijn stageperiode in 1988.

Mijn dank hiervoor,

Rik van der Brugghen

Beste Michel,
De eerste keer dat ik jou zag was tijdens een performance van jou in De Lindenberg in Nijmegen. Ik was zelf net 20 jaar oud. Met jou onnavolgbare energie heb je toen een diepe blijvende indruk op mij achtergelaten. Als geen ander heb jij je ingezet om de electro akoestische muziek een vitaal en vaak ook humoristisch gezicht te geven. Jouw muzikale nalatenschap zal nog heel, heel lang velen blijven inspireren. We zullen je missen.

Armeno Alberts

Dear Michel,

Thank you for inspiration, energy and kindness
May you have a safe journey.


Nicolas Field

Dank je wel voor je steun en inspiratie bij onze vorming. We hebben de ruimte die je ons gegeven hebt om dingen te doen die mogelijk niet altijd op jouw lijn lagen, zeer geawaardeerd.

Veel respect voor je performances en improvisaties.. We hebben lol gehad. We zullen je missen.

We wensen jouw familie, vrienden en medewerkers alle sterkte toe bij het verwerken en plaatsen van dit grote verlies.

Kwik, Kwek en Kwak
( B M B con. )


Beste Michel

Er zijn geen woorden voor, voor dit verlies.
Alleen maar gesampelde, met Handen bespeeld!!!


Wilfried van Sark

Mijn oprechte deelneming en alle sterkte toegewenst voor familie, vrienden en collega's.
Michel Waisvisz was de eerste, laatste en grootste verhalenverteller in een cultuur, die van de elektronische kunsten, die zich verbaal vaak nauwelijks verstaanbaar weet te maken. Zijn persoon, maar zeker ook die begaafdheid, zal node gemist worden.

Jan Hiddink

you will be missed so much, thanks for all.

Martijn Tellinga

I met Michael three times: The Hague, ICMC 1986 when I was astonished by his performance with The Hands. Madrid 1993, when though LIEM-CDMC we were able to invite him together with Joel Ryan and Nicolas Collins, to give us a memorable concert and workshop. And last time, on my visit to STEIM on 2006, he was very kind receiving me and I was planning to come back for a stage with a composition project… Well, life is very short, but he always will be alive for me since I always will remember his powerful contribution to music and sonic arts.

Adolfo Núñez

Last year I was introduced to Michel as a huge fan of STEIM and could get the opportunity to hear couple of wise sentences.Actually I was hoping to know his musical side deeper in time.Now I can only wish STEIM and his family patience.My condolences to everyone who loves him.

Ekin Kalyon

Cher Michel

Pendant trois mois, mentor à DasArts, je t'ai cotoyé. Ta générosité, ton ouverture, ta foi dans l'art et l'humain mais surtout ton exigence vis-à-vis de chacun de nous d'être des artistes autonomes, responsables et d'aller au coeur des choses, avec simplicité et la plus grande honnêteté m'ont marquée à jamais. Tu as pris la place d'un ami quelque part dans ma tête. Je n'ai pas imaginé que je ne te verrais plus.
Puisse l'endroit où tu resides à présent être doux et musical.

Sybille Cornet

we were in amsterdam in1994(the year Nelson Madela was finally freed) at the Rietveld academy... the stiem\'s influence seeps through the entire city like good Febo , old space bikes, and well you know what else. As sacred djs we would like to dedicate the first track on the 3rd eye foundation cd I.P.P.O.Y.J.J. (the full title isn\'t exactly great to list here, but a dj should be able to figure it out. a little humor helps some like a new orleans funeral. the music though is entirely appropriate for a short reqium spellin spelling.... it is from our hearts to a true digital pi on neer and wee appricate your support of macs as well.

noriko, betinna, broona and maria. the pros II

michel waisvisz is without coeval a man at the center of my creative influence. a conductor of presence, a binding agent for our community. thank you michel for all the musical topologies you gave us to play on.

Jordan Wynnychuk

Dear Michel:

I will always count establishing a relationship with you and STEIM as one of the great transformative experiences of my life. You selflessly created and maintained a unique Òsalon de refusŽsÓ whose value to our community is incalculable. You will be deeply missed by us all.

Nic Collins

Nicolas Collins

Michel was the most impressive musician and person I ever met. I was a lucky man, to meet him. I am very sad.

Uli Boettcher


It was great that you and Alice could make this walk, be it a virtual one, in our place in Provence, overlooking the hills all the way down to la Montagne de Sainte Victoire behind which lies Aix-en-Provence, a city you dearly loved.

Aix will never be the same without you.

For everything you've been, and always will be... thank you.

Dear Kristina, Rosa, family and beloved, and all people at Steim - we send our love and wish you strength.

Felix & Alice

Dag Michel,
Dank je wel voor je inspiratie.

Wilco Botermans

Dit is wel een heel groot verlies,

maar ik ben nu heel erg blij met de cracklebox die ik een anatal jaren geleden heb gekocht bij Steim, en waar ik nog steeds heel veel plezier aan beleef.

familie en vrienden heel veel sterkte

S. Spaan

Dag lieve Michel, dank voor je liefde, je inspiratie, creativiteit en plezier. ik zal je missen

Carla Hoekendijk

Thank you for dreaming up that enchanting place for the imagination in which we could wander.

I remember when I asked if you liked it a particular concert one night, and you said 'Yes, but it could have been pre-recorded on a good quality sound system and I would have had the same experience of listening.' Instead you were looking for performances that are about the liveness and how sound could transform and touch that space there, then... Just like your warm Cheshire smile, that very same smile lives on in Rosa.

Nancy Mauro-Flude

Dear Michel,

Namens mijzelf en Onomatopee danken we je voor alles en wensen we alle naasten, familie en iedereen van STEIM veel sterkte toe.
Je was en bent een groot inspirator voor mij en velen.

We zullen je missen...

Remco van Bladel
Stichting Onomatopee


de aantal keren dat we elkaar in de afgelopen jaren hebben ontmoet, zal ik me altijd blijven herinneren. De laatste samenwerking voor de Ton Bruynèl jury was gezellig en tegelijk erg insprirerend. Dank daarvoor!
Het is een vreemd gevoel dat je er niet meer bent.

Familie en vrienden veel sterkte....

Bas Kalle

Namens alle medewerkers van het Instituut voor Sonologie wil ik de mensen van STEIM en Michel's familie en vrienden de sterkte toewensen die zij nodig zullen hebben om dit verlies te dragen.
Dat STEIM nog lang voort mag leven!

Kees Tazelaar
Instituut voor Sonologie
Den Haag

Dag lieve Michel.
Een zachte groet aan ieder die hem moet missen.
Pauline van Wensveen, Haarlem.

my love,

you scared me one day, navigating that tiny bulldozer around the steep surface of a deep scar in your backyard you called a lake. another time you resolutely took off into the wind wearing an engine on your back and a parachute trailing you like wings. i watched from the window, proud of your ingenuity but wondering what the emergency number in that country was.

your forcefulness of mind gave rise to a powerful presence, reflected in all facets of your marvellous and inspirational life. dearest michel, come back soon and tell us stories of what you have seen - because you are the great teller of stories. i know that you will be embracing your new environment with the gusto of the intrepid explorer that you are.

your leaves and petals,


michel, thank you with all my hearts for your creativity, inspiring ideas and impressing personality I cannot forget. A unique philosophy underlying your (artistic) activities will continue to inspire many people.
My warmest thoughts are with the steim family.

jin hyun kim

Ontmoetingen in een ver verleden blijven mij bij als zeer inspirerend en warm.
Het was me een eer, Michel.
En ik zal m'n kraakdozen nog meer koesteren dan ik al deed..

Sam Samshuijzen

I met Michel for the first time in the 80s in Montreal where he came to give a performance. I was instantly seduced by his so strong personality, his intelligence, and by the depth and the honesty of his musical approach. Thereafter, we have met at some occasions in different countries and each time it was like meeting an old friend.
I have always presented him to my students as the best example of a live performer/composer for whom the technology was totally dedicated to the musical discourse. A so great musician.

I fell very sad.

yves daoust

Never known Michel Waisvisz personally but i am sure that the reflexes of his work and energy have change my life and my practice.

Thank you so much!


André Rangel

and as another star winks out - another journey begins -
go in beauty michel


Michel. Although I never met you I've looked up to you and followed your work for years. Thank you for giving me so much inspiration. It's because of your contributions to the arts that I've decided to pick myself up by the bootstraps and move from Florida to Amsterdam in order to be closer to STEIM. Thank you for all you've done.

Jonathan Reus

hits home

On to the next phase of your existence Michel, I wish you a peacefull transition
Thank You for having passed on creative energy to many of us.
I will never forget how much fun we had when I brought over Lev Thermin to you, who at that time was allready in his 90's, but still wanted to play for you on his own invention, the Thermin vox.
And play we did....

Babeth VanLoo

Best wishes for the loving circle around Michel. I first met Michel in words not sound. In the 1970s I lived in a float house on the west coast with a minimoog and worked in an industrial sawmill. On a trip out to Black Swan in Vancouver I found a collective magazine called MUSICS, which changed everything for me about sound and improvisation. In it I read about, and imagined the sounds of, Michael's cracklebox. He and Hugh Davies spoke for an ecology of sound, with low volume, without keyboards, co-existing in creating a shared acoustic spaces. Before that my synthesizer was a closed system, or perhaps a loud rock guitar. Michel’s cracklebox sits waiting on my mixer bridge, reminding me about beginnings, possibilities and doors opening to new soundscapes. Thank you for that Michel.

Lorne Hammond

dear michel
thank you for always being so kind, warm and supporting to me
i still see your smile in my mind's eye
menuhat olamin lecha
ayelet harpaz

Michel was a pioneer in experimental electronic music and electronics
We will miss you Michel
Rest in peace

Michael Victor

Great influence, magnanimous spirit, strong inspiration. You lit the way for so many of us.

Peace and thanks.

Michael Zbyszynski

dearest kristina, rosa and steim

my heartfelt compassion and love
may you be surrounded always by michel's deep vibrancy


thecla schiphorst

How appropriate that close friends were near by playing music. I can imagine his soul hoovering above the concert for a moment before heading into the great cloud.

We will now be here to keep the spirit of his work alive in our own work.

Scot Gresham-Lancaster

Terrible news. I was several times at Steim - and he was always there. I wanted to meet him, and i thought, let's do it next time when i come. Now it can't happen. I'll continue crackling...


thanks for everything, Michel

sergi jorda

I visited Steim last year and met Michel. He was a fascinating man and will be missed in the community. A sad loss

Tristram Cox

Your vision of the future of music enriched the lives of many and created a vibrant community here in Amsterdam. It's difficult to contemplate that future now without your ever curious and generous presence.

Yannis Kyriakides

What sad and shocking news. Every moment spent in Michel's presence was joyous and creative.
My sincere condolences to his family and loved ones.

Leon Milo


don hassler

Thank you Michel for your warmth and vision. You will be much missed in this world.

Alwynne Pritchard

Michel, your hands have reached far and deep thanks to a great inspirational crackled force.

Your crackle box will stay in a very special place in my house ....

Thanks for all, Stan

Stan Wijnans

In die paar keer dat ik Michel heb ontmoet werd ik geraakt door zijn warmte, enthousiasme en betrokkenheid. Michel zal me blijven inspireren. Ik wens zijn familie, vrienden en collega's veel sterkte bij het verwerken van dit grote verlies.

Evelien van den Broek

dear michel,

every conversation was a delight and inspiration, a crackle and a snap. you will be greatly missed.

my dearest kristina, rosa and all close to STEIM, my deepest condolences at a time when words might mean very little.

much love/


Nat Muller

Piet-Jan van Rossum

Gecondoleerd, familie, vrienden en Steim-medewerkers.

Edo Paulus

My condolences to michel Waisvisz his family and the Steim crew.
Heel veel sterkte!

Xander Sijperda,
Zwolle Netherlands

- his hands and sounds emboldening the gothic splendour of the Union Chapel, London - I can still hear his performance with that building, and feel those visceral timbres.

Katharine Norman

This is very very sad news and a great loss.
We will remember his generous, charismatic personality , his own creative contribution to new music and for giving artists the possibility to develop at STEIM.
Our condolences to family and friends.

Lise-Lotte Norelius, Fylkingen society for new music and intermedia art.

anne la berge

Michel, it has been good to know you. You were always like an old friend, warm and intense. You have been an inspiration to many. Your actions as well as your sounds will resonate for long, long time. We miss you.

Marc Battier

My condolences to those close to Michel [family seems such a limiting word, sometimes], and to all those touched by his passing. I always think of that great line from Auden's poem on the passing of W. B. Yeats - "...The current of his feeling failed/he became his admirers."

While the reference to current seems especially apt for Michel's life, reading this collection of comments in English and Dutch reminds me especially of the line that follows:

"Now he is scattered among a hundred cities..."

and every place is humming and crackling.

gregory taylor

yes, absolutely amazing guy
in the 80's ccmc (5 of us at that time)
each had the beautiful little crackle boxes,
and sometimes we'd wander around the performance space
all playing these "portable synths" at the same time
he did some great things and made some fine sounds
- very sad he had to leave so soon

john kamevaar

You were bigger than life, and are certainly bigger than death, for you live on embossed in our minds and music; your spirit of adventure and your generosity is alive in all of us. Thank you Michel,
May you have a safe journey,

f m uitti

Our deepest condolences to family, friends, and all who knew Michel.
We feel privileged to have been around the inspirational spirit and kindness he provided.

Dan Overholt and Anne-Marie Hansen

When I first heard Michel play The Hands in concert, I was knocked out by the reaffirmation of the power of physical movement in direct, truly electrical connection to sound. Years later, when I was introduced to him, I was impressed that in person he was so modest and genuinely kind. Great people are few, but it is remarkable how so many of the very best are also such generous human beings. With thanks for all that has been achieved at STEIM, and hope for what can be done in the future...

Marlena and I wish his family strength in this time of sadness.

Jay Alan Yim / Marlena Novak / localStyle

I felt very sad when I read in today's Parool that Michael has died.
As a real pioneer, educator, and guiding force behind electronic instruments and performance art he established a culture and headed an institute both of which are fundamentally innovative and inspriring to many. His artistic approach and vision were years if not decades ahead of the mainstream culture in music and technology.

I wish Michael's family, friends and colleagues in the STEIM community the strength and peace to start new projects and performances.
May the living memory of Michael's ideas, inventions, performances, and ideals be a source of inspriration for all of us.

Henk de Poot

Gert-Jan Prins.

Vrienden en familie gecondoleerd.
Dhr Waisvisz was ook voor mij een inspirator.

Gerlof de Vries

Vaarwel grote improvisator. Dank je wel!


Ernst Bonis

our heartfelt condolences to his partner and child, and to all the people at Steim - let the spirit of this genius musician and pioneer keep on inspiring generations of musicains in Steim and all over the world!

echo ho and hannes hoelzl

lieve Michel,
dank voor je vriendschap door zoveel tijden heen.

genereus nabij
klinken hard en zacht en zij
smelten samen vrij

Caroline Nevejan

.......Michel was een voorbeeld en inspiratie voor ons allemaal.
Allereerst uit boeken en lesmateriaal en later nog meer door z'n bevlogen en entousiaste lezingen en performances.
We zijn er trots op dat we in STEIM hebben mogen optreden!



Arno. Renzo en Kim

Arno Scheper

With respect and gratitude to have met
My sincere condolences to family and friends.

Hicham Khalidi

Very inspirational and true person . .
Rest in peace and music . .

Nikos Papaspyrou

inspirational man. beautiful place that he built. the world seems a little bit less magically musical without him.

many condolences.

damian stewart

This is a very sad day.
My most felt condolences to Michel family and the persons from Steim who were inspired and touched by his guidance and love.
It has been an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to meet him and work at the center he built to support artists from any field who simply had a vision but not a place.
Thanks for everything!

Paola Tognazzi

Thanks for everything.

Martin Dunér

met respect

Danielle Lemaire

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen

We at the Sound Symposium here in St. John's, Newfoundland send our condolences. We are all grateful for the creative force he was, and for the gifts he has given to all of us in the new music world.

Kathy Clark-Wherry

Dearest Michel, thanks for talks and faith. I feel lucky to have met you. to have been inspired. Appreciating your kindness and support. Fare well.

Kristina, Rosa, Steim people, much love and take care. A

Anat stainberg

This is truly a great loss...

Josephine Bosma

Lieve Michel, je kwam 25 jaar geleden plots in mijn leven, ook vanwege een dood, die van Martin.
Je was inspirerend in het verwerken van ons verlies. Nog steeds dank daarvor. Je eigenzinnige levensstijls blijft mij verblijden.
Namens de gehele familie Barkhuis,
Lievs, Tania.

Tania Barkhuis

Michel made major contributions in diverse creative practices in numerous ways - as an artist, visionary, inventor and evangelist for new ways of seeing, hearing and doing. His vision and energy functioned to bring people together that made things happen. Some of those things went on to influence or enable others further afield to do their own things. Many people in the field, myself included, benefited in this way. We all share a debt to Michel for this. I send my condolences to his family and closest.

Simon Biggs

Every human being is unique but some more so than others.
Michel was such a man and we will miss him very much.
It was a privilege to know, hear and see him.

Roderik & Annelie de Man

thanx for everything and goodbye

marjolein houweling

Thank you Michel for your inspiration, haven´t been in touch with you for a while.... and now you are gone and I can`t. Feeling sad.....


Tsjeeminee, I just read the sad news, you were such a nice warm person.
You have done great sonic artwork here Michel, now you can enjoy your new freedom!

My condoleances to your family and all the people at Steim.

Laurens Kagenaar (Lau)

Dear family, friends from STEiM and all other friends,
Now I can only remember you and I allways will.
From the first lesson when I met you at Sonology. You asked us to imagine the ultimate instrument to perform electronic music with.
You said don't think how it will be possible to make this, we will find a way to do that.
No limits, only inspiration.

Thanks Michel !

Ikaros van Duppen

Michel, you will be felt in the continuing. Your playfulness, your warmth, your endless generousity. My heart goes out to Kristina, Rosa, your family and Steim family.

sher doruff

A wonderful man and an inspiration - his energy and vision should have continued to brighten our world for many more years - his legacy lives in in all of us who were inspired by him.


Lawrence Casserley

first of all my condolences to kristina and rosa, to get through the hard times... I admired him for the way he did his inventions and music, and will remember some talks we had together - ai, can't believe it he is gone...

gívan belá (aka guy van belle)

Sincere condoleances to all close to Michel. I will miss his unique and warm view on the world; a remaining source of inspiration. There is music in all sounds: a soothing notion, a peaceful language.

Marc Thelosen

i feel grateful for having met michel- he was easily one of the most inspired people i have ever met. though i only knew him a short time, i understood i had met a person who demonstrated what a true, honest artist is. his enthusiasm/ vibe was a lesson in how to live. the inspiration he has given all of us is obvious- crackle box and further beyond to the reason for doing this in the first place- he knew how to live. my thoughts are with his family-

vic rawlings

During the past 15 years I met Michael a couple of times, this friendly, intelligent, interested and inspired man. Struggling with my life and work, I always wished that Michael would see and hear my work one day. Michael as a beacon, a reference point in the wonderful landscape of new music. To me, a hero.

Dear Michael, I will keep on struggling and pursue what you invited me to do: develop my own work and present it to the world. And I will also present it to the heavens, for you must be somewhere there now.

Yet, you're present with me too.


Long live STEIM

In 1992 Michel came to Basel Switzerland for a lecture and after talking with him, briefly he reacted to me with kind enthusiasm for my interests and my work. When I finally got to STEIM a year of so later, that same enthusiasm met me at the door, in the lab, in the STIEM hotel and from the public in the concerts. I continue spreading this enthusiasm towards other artists and there work by just remembering the world Michel opened me up to.

Thanks Michel and goodbye,

Art Clay

I'm saddened to lose such a dynamic figure. We met in bizarre circumstances some twelve years ago when I spoke on a panel about the 'future of music' with Brian Eno and Peter Gabriel, and Michel stood up in the audience and verbally fought with me, with strength and humour. It was a perfect way to begin a friendship, all the doors open already, and ready for a positive future. Now he's left an amazing legacy and spirit to inspire others. I will miss his presence.

Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner

To Kristina, Rosa and all those who survive Michel, my sincere condolences.

What Michel has shared will live on in all who have known him. I shall always remember him fondly.

Ross Bencina

Michel’s hands reached out to support many of my projects, notions, and dreams for over 25 years. I thanked him privately when I saw him for the last time in April; I thank him again publicly now. He never visited Australia in the flesh, but the spirit of his pioneering hands reached some key musicians here who understood the possibilities and problems of the digital medium. The physicality that he brought to electronic music stands as a testament to the man. My thoughts are with Kristina and daughter Rosa. It is a devastating loss for them and the broader music community worldwide. Michel will be truly missed.

Jon Rose

I knew Michel as Pata in SL, and he knew me as a raven. He fed me pumpkin seeds and ear cheese and later made me mouse tails(with sounds in them), because that's what I told him ravens like. He was a strong presence durring his brief time in SL and touched many people here. I am very sad to hear of his passing, may he rest in peace and live on in the hearts and minds of of the many people that he inspired.

Sugar Seville

it's hard to explain how I could have been touched so deeply by the moments of contact and conversation with Michel, but anyone who ever knew him will understand . He was so many things - generosity, curiosity, insight, brilliance, life, light and open-ness all rolled into a wonderful, tactile, huggable, gorgeous man - an extraordinary person who brought together so many worlds. I am touched, and feel priviledged to have met Michel and known him even a little. I wish I could be there to give K the biggest hug imaginable. My deepest condolences for K, for their beautiful little girl, for Michel's immediate and larger family including all the wonderful, generous, amazing people at STEIM. I feel richer for having met Michel. He was and remains so inspiring. He will be sorely missed. Xd

danielle wilde

You inspired me, with you ideas and life devoted to experimentation. Honoured to have met you.
A doleful thought for all the people that I know are so close to you.


Tommaso Perego

Dear Michel,
it 's the jewish jokes we shared and moments of openness I shall miss and your dear ability to really listen to the others' sound and movement.

Andrea Morein

1 excursie naar STEIM, 1 kort optreden wat hij met zijn "handen" kon doen.
Deze man, een pure inspiratie, een zoektocht naar de ultieme alternatieve controller.
Veel te vroeg, maar een zegen dat hij heeft bestaan.
Vergeten wordt hij nooit.

Sterkte aan de nabestaanden.



Thank you Michel

I'll play my new crackle box for you

Mauro Graziani

on to a life in inspiration will be missed...

ronald boersen

Michel, you are survived by the many you have inspired - through your friendship, your support, your kindness, your music. It was a pleasure to create with you. Thank you Thank you Thank you. To your family, and to the extended STEIM community, please accept our love and support over this very difficult time

Clare Cooper

I did not know Michel all that well. In fact, I only met and got to speak with him last September.

Despite this, he took time out for a coffee, breakfast and to talk about life - how to survive the falls, how to pick yourself up again and keep going. we talked about love, relationships and possibly very little about electronic music and gestural interfaces.

It was his humanity, his generosity and openness towards me that made such an impact. The words he left me with last year have been very close to me through this past year of my journey and will remain with me even more so now.

I can only pass on the same openness and support Michel offered me, back to his daughter, partner and rest of the STEIM family. I feel very honoured to have spent those moments in time with Michel.

Somaya Langley

For most of my youth I did not know that you and I and of course your dear father Jacques Waisvisz were even related until one day about 12 years ago someone pointed out that we were in fact meshpoge from my jewish fathers side of the family. Jacques knew him well, in the Japanese concentration camps. He told me many haunting and yet funny stories about my now long dead father Mick de Vries . But one of the nicest moments was when he introduced me to YOU, Michel... It was as if I felt the same blood go through our bodies, while listening to Simeon ten Holt piano music, sitting side by side you in your yellow jacket. ofcourse I have enjoyed various of your concerts, even one that went wrong at the start and admired your "cool" handling of this situation . Of course I also met Maurits Rubinstein, who was obviously your soulmate , that close you two seemed to be for many years. Jacques, still going strong at his high age, told me recently how ill you were, and here he was at my 65th birthday party sunday june 15, ....amidst 125 people , looking serious but he had come to help celebrate my birthday ... "Life goes on"he said and he tried hard to smile but I could see how his heart was crying as his son was dying not far from this maddening crowd and my house.
And then two days later it did happen. He was there with you and your family. What a noble family, you and your dad.. I am proud to be part of that family . A son should never die before his parents go. It must be devastating for your dad but more so for your sweet wife, whom I never met yet and your darling little daughter.... Rest in Peace Michel. we all hold fond memories of you and your incredible music. Just looking at your pictures makes me cry all over again. I shall miss you.. dear friend and family... with all my love Xaviera Hollander... for you de vries.

Xaviera Hollander a.k.a de Vries

Een groot artiest heeft ons verlaten.
Mijn hart gaat uit naar de familie, en de grotere STEIM familie.

We zullen je missen.


Roel Vertegaal

It's sad to see a bright light go.
My my sincere condolences.


Dear people at Steim, I only met Michel a few years ago, and I always knew I wanted to get to know him better...I saw him performing many times and I know that just like me a lot of people was inspired by both, his personality and his work. Although I knew him very briefly it was enough to know that he was an excellent person.
ánimo desde México,
Carlos Iturralde

Dear Michel,

There is not much I can add to everything already said. Together with everyone who knew you, I'll be missing you very much. You were so intelligent, sparkling, generous, authentic and kind. I'm just so greatfull to have met you.

Thank you and goodbye

Yula Altchouler

How sad!
My sincerest condolences to his family, and his STEIM family.
Thank you Michel for your energy, inspiration, dedication, and kindness.
Thank you for introducing me to incredible new realms of musicmaking.
What a legacy you have inspired, what a noisy, international community you have created-- may it flourish, and may you rest in peace.

We will miss you!

Jane Henry

met oprechte deelneming, mede namens de erven Peter Schat

Reinier Schat

Knowing you were ill I was still shocked by the news of your untimely death.

It is good to read all the kind condolences of the people on this page. Everybody recognizing you for what few people can be for so many including me. A true inspirational force.

Hans Leeuw

toch mooi wanneer je in zoveel mensen verder leeft, al die mooie herinneringen en de energie die je daar uit kunt blijven putten...


Roby Bellemans

Mr. Waisvisz, thanks for all the inspiration. I feel happy for having had the chance to watch you perform live once, I'm sure you will always be remembered.

Batuhan Bozkurt

Met oprechte deelneming.

Fare well.

Ravian de Vries

i'm terribly sorry for your loss he was a visionary


Michel forever composer of an All-Doors-Open NOW: while we were tuning to the uncannily ultralive NOW of Wednesday evening’s performances, upstairs you were serenely composing the NOW of your last work. And we can but mourn you and your still, yet still haunting, NOW. A hard one to live up to. With love to Kristina, Rosa, and my STEIM family/ tribe.

sally jane norman

Met oprechte deelneming,

Simon Derks

Dear Michel,

You were my first teacher electronic music, way back in the 60-ties at Psychopolis in The Hague. You tought me well, although just one year older then I was at the time. Your critics were always to the point and so right. I'm thankful I was able to renew our relationship some years ago.

Wout Blommers

Dear STEIM people,
I feel deep sorrow for your loss of Michel. However he left such a great spirit that will live longer than any of us fragile human beings. Now it's up to you (and the rest of us) to keep this great crackling spirit alive.

Per Platou

Met oprechte deelneming,

Eveline Heylen.

I'm so sorry Michel. Je hebt voor mij de weg geopend naar een veel avontuurlijker manier van muziek maken, door een onderdeel te worden van het elektronische circuit, door instrumenten te maken die weerbarstig en onvoorspelbaar zijn en tegelijk op de kleinste aanraking reageren. Ik ben je erg dankbaar hiervoor. Maar ik zal vooral je hoekige warmte missen.

Dave Krooshof

I had the chance of visiting STEIM two times during my stay in the Netherlands last year. Although i only met Michel briefly, the whole STEIM experience, the things learned there, the energy and passion meant a lot to me and i can say it has been an overall source of great inspiration for my studies and work. I know well and personally how much mortality and dire experiences like this one can be hard and dramatic. We are in for a short time, and people who leave asuch n impressing mark with their passion, energy and vision, as Michel did, will be remembered and shall live on.

Massimo Scamarcio

Dear Michel,

we will all miss you very much. I hope that STEIM continues to pour out the energy that you gave it. My condolences to Michel's family, friends and colleagues.

Love, Justin.

Justin Bennett

Dear Michel,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you left behind. My condolences to your family, friends and everyone at Steim.

Paul den Hertog

Meeting Michel once in the late nineties was enough for a lifetime of ideas and a changed vision of what might be, when it comes to making music. Thank you.
Much strength and love for all those close to him.

Marcus Moonen

Mijn oprechte deelneming.


This loss comes brutally to me, inspite the new about his health in the last months. It was this which prevented him to come to our workshop in Madrid last December, I didn't realise then how serious the situation was.

Brutal for the way mortality comes when and to whom it seems unthinkable, reminding us of the fragility even of our most unfathomable stregths, of our most unremovable certainties. Such force vanishes thus away? Or can we keep it alive in our own, taking its whirlwinds further and deeper?

This would be the greatest hommage to you, Michel

Jaime del Val

dear michel, thank you for your inspiring crackles, sparks and smiles... i am deeply saddened by your passing... i send you crackles to the sky, which is red over the north sea tonight.

to those who are closest to michel, his family, friends and dear colleagues at STEIM I offer my deepest condolences. i am with you in my thoughts.

...many sparks to you***

anne wellmer

After meeting Michel last summer at Steim, I was taken by his warmth, positive attitude and willingness to make things possible. I am quite shocked to hear that he has passed away. My thoughts are with those who were close to him.

Jan Meinema (Bath Spa University)

such shocking news...i'm at a complete loss for words.
rest in peace, michel.
jason kahn

Ik wens familie en vrienden van Michel en een ieder van Steim sterkte en kracht toe met dit grote verlies. Alhoewel ik Michel de afgelopen jaren slechts enkele malen heb mogen ontmoeten, was ik altijd onder de indruk van zijn persoonlijkheid en zijn muzikale onderzoekende gedrevenheid.

Mij oprechte deelneming.

Lex van den Broek

Michel was a radical explorer interested in the world behind the surface. His goals were never part of the establishment but always about evolution, in his musical work as well as in his research in tools. Still he was modest and didn’t consider mixing down his unique compositions until we could convince him to release an album 20 years after his fantastic „crackle“ debut. Until recently Michel did not even intend to document steim’s history. Instead he rather made new plans of how to share knowledge to invent whatever was needed at any given time. Michel believed in the vision and talent of the individual and steim is his heritage: a place for ideas to come alive and knowledge to circulate. I will miss him as a friend and the world will miss him as a mover. May stagnation never win, may the world stay open and be touched. My deepest feelings go to his wife and daughter who will always be part of my family as much as Michel had welcomed me to be part of his.
Jan St. Werner

Jan St werner

I cannot believe it. Last night at approximately 7:45-8PM New York time, I was literally telling a friend how amazing Michel was when he played his instrument, how completely it was part of him, as if he had played it since childhood. I only met Michel once at a sound-electronic music conference at the University of Cologne, Germany in 2004. He came so completely to life when he played. It was very special to witness him. I am deeply moved and saddened to learn of his passing.

Michelle Jaffé

Michel -

Though I only met you a few times, mostly each of us rushed in and out of Steim HQ, I am sad to know I can't know more - only brief smiles and hellos.

I'd like to express not only the sense of loss, but that of gain - that of the numerous creative minds and hearts which you have forever set into action throughout your lifetime. I can speak for myself in regards to how your life's work has inspired my own immeasurably, as well as those whose work I've seen yours empower and inform. Thank you.

My condolences to your family and the Steim staff.

Jeremy Keenan

Love and Now, eternally...


Dag Lieve Michel,
Dank voor je inspiratie, we gaan je missen.
Ik wens familie, vrienden en Steim sterkte toe
met het verdriet en verlies.

Floor van Spaendonck

Very sad (there doesn't seem much more to say).


I'm so sad!!

this great inspiration for us all has passed - leaving a gaping hole in my heart...

for the family, please accept my condolences --

for the community, we all loved him

for STEIM, may he be ever in our hearts


Ron Alford

Dear Michel, you left us too soon, too suddenly - it was a privilege to have known you! I sincerely hope that up there/where they also will acknowledge you as the true original you were and always will be. We'll never forget you. Thanks!

Annelie de Man

Ik wist dat het niet lang zal gaan duren,
Je was zo positief en vol vertrouwen en gefocus op je kind en vrouw, toen ik je sprak in het OLVG.
dat het zo snel ging wist ik niet, maar ik herinner mij een warm, emotioneel , en fanyastisch mens
liefs Lynette

Big Man!!

Paul Lindeboom

Lieve Michel,

Jouw vertrek kwam als een volledige verassing.
Ik zal je missen.
Je bent één van de meest unieke mensen die ik heb ontmoet.
Veel sterkte aan degenen die hem liefhebben.

Liesbeth Esselink.

A few weeks ago I performed at a concert in support of STEIM, but all of the energy and passion and joy that I brought to that performance---all that I could muster---was in every way directed towards Michel Waisvisz, whose presence at musical gatherings I have deeply missed during his illness.

I am destroyed by the knowledge that I won't be able to make music with Michel again, or watch him perform, or chat with him about anything and everything, or simply feel the awareness of his positive and inspiring presence in a room.

There is no one who has taught me more about the musicality of energy, or the energy of musicality, than Michel Waisvisz.

In his pioneering work on returning the human body to the center of what it means to make music, he demonstrated---in speech and writing and organizing and promoting and encouraging but above all in music making itself---that it is the energy contained within ourselves that makes music happen. His was and is an incredibly life-affirming attitude towards music.

His inspiration and encouragement profoundly affected, in the most positive ways, how I conceive of and perform acoustic and electronic music. It has been an honor and privilege to get to know him and share ideas. It remains an honor and privilege to be part of this great, diverse, wonderful, creative circle of artists whose lives he touched.

To those closest to him, whose grief is greatest, I offer this in deepest sympathy: I am holding on and cherishing the encouragement and ideas and especially all of the energy I received from Michel. And as long as I make music I will strive to give out that encouragement, those ideas, and that energy to others.

Keir Neuringer

Ik zal onze incidentele ontmoetingen zeer missen.
Hij was een mensch.

Paul Gompes

Michel was van onschatbare waarde voor de kunst. Een grote geest is van ons heengegaan. Mijn diep medeleven gaat naar zijn gezin, zijn familie en naar STEIM.

Paul Devens

Michel you were very supportive and caring in the few times I met you I thank you for this. I feel very sad you are not around anymore. My sincere condolences to his family and to STEIM

Alejandra Perez Nunez

Michel, you invited me into to your cracklehaus, opened a world for me, and gave me and countless others the space and time in which to breath and explore the world of sound with your hands, fingers and bodies. We will miss you, and your laugh, and your spirit, and your gestures, those swooping arms, and dramatic movements, that were the true signature of your art. May peace be with you, in love, namaste.

tobias c. van Veen

Beste Michel,
Ik zal je missen.
Het was een voorrecht je te kennen. Het was onvergetelijk je mee te maken als performer, het was heerlijk je mee te maken als docent. Ik heb je altijd bijzonder gewaardeerd als collega. Het wordt weer een beetje stiller in Nederland en daarbuiten. Misschien is er hierna nog iets, misschien komen we elkaar later weer tegen. Dat zal een goed weerzien zijn. Ik wens jou een goede reis naar een voor ons onbekende bestemming en ik wens jouw dierbaren heel veel sterkte.

Michel, vaarwel en bedankt voor alles!

Hans Timmermans

Michel was a pioneer and a reference people for our discipline, feeding fruitfully and with energy, contemporary practices in Computer Music. We highly appreciated him, his works, his music and his creativity.

His death is really a loss for all of us and for all the community of Computer Music.

We hope that his passing was peaceful.

We are very sad and we would like to transmit to the whole team at STEIM, and to all the persons of his family, our friendly thoughts.

Claude Cadoz
Annie Luciani
Directors of ACROE

And all the people of the ACROE team:
Jean-Loup Florens, Nicolas Castagné, Aurélie Arliaud, Maria Gugliemi, Geoffrey Cerna, Olivier Tache, Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos,, Damien Couroussé, Diana Herrera, Francois Poyer, Julien Castet, Kevin Sillam, Matthieu Evrard.

Michel Waisvisz was an inspiration with a unique generosity and kindness. A fantastic positive drive for creativity and a truly refreshing energy. Condolences to his family and friends...

Aymeric Mansoux

Dear Michel,

you have left an indelible mark and memory on all of us. Thank you.

Nicola Bernardini

i feel blessed to have met michel. a total inspiration. crackle and squeal in the garden today.

michael barker

Totally lost for words... all the best to family, friends and collegues!

Marloes de Valk

Terrible news for which i have no words. Just all my best wishes for family, friends and the people at Steim in these difficult times.

Simon de Bakker

My condolences to everyone at STEIM for the loss of
Michel's direct presence and inspiration. During the epoch of creating
his innovative and visionary body of work and guiding STEIM as
director, he generously shared his knowledge with so many others. STEIM opened up a new world of music making in my personal experience, for which I am
very grateful.
Christina Viola Oorebeek

A big loss of a great friend!
I first met Michel in 1970, when I was 16 years old. Only 4 years older, he was then leading the electronic studio of the Vrije Academie in The Hague. It was my first contact with musicians, sharing the same idea's I have about music. Through Michel I quickly learned to know other musicians, like Han Bennink, Sven Johansson and Misha Mengelberg.
I'm sure my carrier as a musician and composer would have looked different when Michel wouldn't have given me such a good start, maybe I even wouldn't have become a professional musician myself.
In later years our paths have crossed many times, Michel giving a lot of support in the development of my music. In December we met for the last time. He was still quite optimistic, and we discussed future plans to work with him as a guest leader with the POW Ensemble.
Unfortunately, because of his disease the project will never be realized.

So long Michel, and thanks for all the things you did!

Luc Houtkamp

Heb Michel leren kennen bij STEIM in de jaren 70, vaak gespeeld op synthesizers, had een van zijn kraakdozen die ik later heb terugverkocht aan STEIM. Heb het vliegen aan hem te danken, eerste vluchten op Rotterdam, zelfs nog een keer naar Biggin Hill gevlogen. Weet niet meer wanneer het laatste contact was, ergens in de jaren 90, tijdens een indrukwekkend concert van hem in Amsterdam, meen ik. Wist niet dat hij ziek was.

Jan Libbenga

Wer nie sein Brot mit Traenen ass,
Wer nie die kummervollen Naechte
Auf seinem Bette weinend sass,
Der kennt euch nicht, ihr himmlischen Maechte!

Wat een verlies voor de wereld van de muziek.

Erwin Roebroeks

dearest michel,
thanks for sharing the crackle, sparkle and shine

annet dekker

I will miss you a lot Michel. Lately every time we met we said to eachother -'we should meet very soon'...
I still feel inspired, as so many others, by your strong personal connection to your work, the positive child-like enthusiasm in everything you do. The way you inflicted it upon others.
And by your great instrumental approach to sound and technology. By your human touch. And by the physicality in which you expressed yourself onstage and off it.

In these pivotal times at Steim I send my warmest regards and encouragement to everyone there, and to Michel's family. I wish you guys keep doing what you do with ever greater efficacy, inspired by the life force of this great visionary man.

Tom Tlalim

Thanks so much for everything, Michel. Your ideas and inspirations will live on in us. My thoughts are with your family.

Florian Grote

Very sad to hear this news. I only met Michel a couple of times last year and he was such a nice person. And such an important figure for the music community.

Lieve Michel, rust zacht

Wouter Snoei

Ciao Michel,

sarai sempre nel mio cuore...
thanks for everything you have given to all of us.

I'll miss you.

Sonia Cillari

Ik zal je missen.
Heel veel sterkte gewenst aan familie en iedereen bij Steim.

Brigit Lichtenegger

I wish the family, friends and staff all the best in these difficult times.

Deborah Meibergen

Michel, thanks so much for your invitations, your generosity, curiosity... Every second i spent with you was filled with inspiration. I want to cook with you again. It's a slap in the face that it's not going to happen.

Andreas Otto

Ik wens familie en vrienden veel sterkte.

Anton Woldhek

In de veel te korte tijd die je was gegund, heb je toch een onvergetelijke indruk op mij en de wereld achtergelaten. Je zal niet worden vergeten!

Toine Heuvelmans

your hands open minds, sough skies
my sincere condelences, a great pleasure
to shortly cross your path


andre sier

We lose both a great artist and a wonderful person, he will be thouroughly missed on all these accounts and more. My thoughts go to his family first of course, the close one, but also to his extended family the STEIM and the wide community of artists and friends.
A terrible loss for sure, but I hope his legacy will remain even when all of us here are long gone.

Sharif Sehnaoui

der Tod eines Tonkünstlers ist das Ende auch seiner Zeit-Kunst, aber in unseren Köpfen lebt sein Geist, seine Kunst weiter. Jahrzehntelang hat er das Performance-Geschehen bereichert, wofür ich ihm danke. Aber höchste Bewunderung verdient er, weil er sich stets weiterentwickelt hat!

Folkmar Hein

Vanochtend hoorden wij het slechte nieuws. Heel veel sterkte toegewenst aan de familie en alle medewerkers, bij het verwerken van het grote verlies.

Melinda Lechner (Fabo BV)

dear michel,

a brief encounter
touched by your openness, interest and warmth
inspiration to us all.

we'll miss you

jan "jasch" schacher

Michels work in the field of electronics, technology an instrument building has been extremely inspiring for me. I met him only a few times, but got to know him as a really friendly man, who was very interested in what other people are busy with. Very sad, he passed away much too early. Condolences to his family and friends.

Cathy van Eck

Thank you, Michel, for your monumental contribution to freedom of artistic expression, your generosity and humour. My deepest condolences to your family and all people at STEIM.

Crackle on!

Marc Boon

Terrible news. My condolences to Michel's family and everyone at STEIM.

Zip Boterbloem

I had heard that Michel was ill, but his untimely passing is unexpected and sad news. He was a pioneer and inspiration to many. The contrast between the powerful intensity of his presence during performance and his gentle personality surprised me and made a impression I will never forget.

Michael Lyons

Unforgettable was his concert in 1987 or so at the Cologne Musikhochschule which I attended as a young composition student - a real eye and ear opener. How often did I show my students in my multimedia class this fabulous clip on YouTube which shows the essence of The Hands with so much spirit? Myriads of interactive performers now build on his pioneering work. You will be dearly missed.

Georg Hajdu

My condolences to Michel’s family, friends, and to Steim. Just during the day we mentioned Michel’s work to some students, and last night I practiced on a Cracklebox that I had received only on Monday. Energy will continue...

Marc Behrens

Michel, your impact on the musical scene can only be underestimated, a true innovator and inspiration has left us. I feel privileged to have met you, felt your friendliness, warm personality and heard your wonderfull playing. My deepest sympathy and thoughts goes out to your beloved family and all the people at Steim.

Jakob Riis

Dear Michel,
I was a Venezuelan dancer fascinated for the entire world discovered trough STEIM. I thank you for open the door to me also, to experiment and find out how was possible to make music with my body and gestures. I remember you always passing by the studios and asking, “How is all going.. is everything okay? Let me know when you are presenting something…I want to see… “
You were always here and there, busy, but for sure with your eye and hart in this generation of young people inspired by STEIM. Once we were in Venezuela and there even in the corner of the world your support was there for me and Daniel.
You had great life and we always will remember you as a great artist, a source of inspiration and a pioneer. Thanks Michel, again and again…

Maria Ines Villasmil

We will remember Michel as a warm, generous and inspiring spirit and are deeply saddened by his passing. His vision has had a huge impact on those among us who try to fuse technology with their hearts and souls. Our thoughts are with Michel's family, friends and everyone at STEIM.

Alison Isadora & Jan-Bas Bollen

Michel was one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Michel was unique and one of a kind artist. This is one of the saddest days in my life. My condolences to his family and STEIM.

Doug Theriault

A terrible shock - I met Michel exactly a year ago when I played STEIM with Aki Onda and Jac Berrocal. Prior to start I saw an OUTSTANDING set of his with Paul Hubweber and Uli Böttcher at the Instants Chavirés in the autumn of 2006. Waiswisz was simply extraordinary. But when I asked him last year about releasing something with Paul and Uli, he didn't seem interested. And after all, what simple audio recording could communicate the physical side of his playing, and the way his instruments were designed to respond to the speed and space of his body movements? So, no great legacy of recordings to leave us, sadly. Treasure the ones he did make - remind me to play Lumps tonight in his honour.

Dan Warburton

Michel, You are the man - an influence beyond belief - the hands and all. You resisted recording to stay in the present. Your gestures will remain in my permanent memory.

And that dish of hot sauce you left in front on Steim before my visit as your welcoming gesture.

You left us all too soon. I miss and love you.

David Wessel

Michel, you were the one to inspire me into building this whacky sounding objects. When I first saw your performance in Barcelona I knew that I had found the right inspiration for my own work. Gladly I had the chance to meet you personally and drink from your inspiration and kindness. Our meeting was brief but I will always remember... RIP.

Ivan Franco

Very sad news to hear that Michel is gone. His huge contribution to a world-wide community of composers and artists will live on in each of us. May his legacy continue to reverberate.

John Bischoff

My fondest memory from my visit to STEIM last September was Michel crushing beats with his hands. It was a wonderful experience and a great inspiration.

Paul Bell

returning from russia - one of the many overseas places your guiding hand, and wonderful support, have lead me to over the last many years - i find you having taken your leave, dignified and in peace, while our most special gathering of artists, colleagues and friends were serenading at steim last night...
may your soul rest in peace, your spirit will always stay with us!

daniel schorno

An incredibly strong force - a bear, a hero who then became colleague, friend, and older brother, and fellow father. All this shows me in a brutal way the incredible fragility of life and the power of mortality despite the strength, vision, and furious force one can bring to this world.

Atau Tanaka

It must have been a struggle. Thanx for all the inspiration. RIP


I was saddened to hear about the passing away of Michel. He was a warm and inspiring person that has been very influential in the development of musical interfaces, musical expression and performance in the field of computer music. My thoughts are with his lovely family.

Thor Magnusson

i feel weird writing something about you on this virtual wall, but i can't help it.
i hoped for a moment all this was one of your jokes. we both know you cannot die.
come on michel, stop being silly, call me and let's laugh about it over the phone.

mazen kerbaj

I saw Michel performing with Laurie Anderson, I think at an outdoor festival in Rotterdam late eighties / early nineties. It was truly magical, I had never seen anything like the show he put on. He was a true artist, with a vision, devoting much of his creativity and ideas into the development of instruments and structures that benefited the larger community of musicians and artists. We will miss you very much Michel.

Ivo Bol

I am very sorry to hear about this. Michel was a true inspiration for generations of electronic musicians around the world. I remember thinking "wow!" when I first encountered his work years ago and he has been a personal inspiration ever since. He broke so much ground for up and coming electronic/interactive performers and composers. Hopefully we and everyone at STEIM can continue to move his vision forward.

Clay Chaplin

He was my biggest inspiration and role model on how an artist can define oneself through multiple activities - a musician, a researcher, an instrument designer, an organizer and a leader. I had never met anyone as versatile and sharp but as gentle and polite. He was quick in both his humor and music, and showed me how electronic musicians can play energetically and freely, like Coltrane or Hendrix. The day that he invited me to be his colleague at STEIM is no doubt one of the happiest days of my life, and I feel honored that he welcomed me and Vivian into his family during his last months and days. Without him I wouldn't be half the musician I am today. I will miss you Michel.

dj sniff

I am truly sorry. His ideas have been such an integral part of my music/performance for the past 4 years. I owe him too much to be able to express them in words. May his crackle echo in heaven...

Korhan Erel

Michel was an inspiration for his music and for the tenacity with which he worked to support others in their quest to find the tools and means to realize their creative visions. When I saw him last, a little over a year ago, one would have never perceived that his drive was any less strong and his mission any less clear. We will all carry on in solidarity and in honor of him.

David Rosenboom

It is just very sad that such a spirit, who had so much more to do and to give on this earthly plane, is cut down so soon. At the concert last night, his spirit was clearly there, and i found myself looking for him and i saw him in many of the faces I saw there: people who have worked alongside him for so many years, people who have been inspired and taught by him, people who have enjoyed and been moved to think and feel at his concerts. He will certainly be missed. He was a rara avis, a unique person and artists. My sincere condolences to his family, and friends.

Jodi Gilbert

Yesterday during the beautiful and inspiring concerts at STEIM, I missed Michel already. From today I will miss him forever. His musical instruments and his music prove how much he loved to experiment and at the same time how talented and experienced he was. His generous advise and great examples will live on in my music and the music of countless artists all over the world. I whish his family and friends strength to cope with this terrible loss and courage and energy to continue Michel's work.

Teun de Lange

Michel Waisvisz was one of those people that make you feel privileged just to share a few moments together. I met Michel at a very formative time, having just started working with interactive computer music. I met so many wonderful people on my first visit to STEIM! It amazed me that Michel could organize and direct activities, establish a long-term agenda for creative research, serve as a mentor to many young artists, and also work as a masterful composer and performer. He was able to translate his experience in electronic music immediately to the emerging computing technology, allowing him to envision the future that we would all come to discover in due time (and I can only imagine much more of his vision remains ahead of us). Thank you, Michel. I'll remember you often.

Roger Dannenberg

So sorry to hear that Michel has now left us, but I know that his legacy is
alive and strong, and I am so glad to have been one of the many
artists that was touched by his generous and creative spirit.

Chris Brown

This is such terrible news. Michel was a giant in our field. His performances at NIME showed the up-and-coming generations what was really possible, musically, with new interfaces. He was also a great person, and I am glad for the few chances I had to meet and talk with him. He will be missed.

Eric Singer

Michel was a bright light, endlessly inspired and endlessly creative. I was honored to know him, and I will miss him. He gave so much to so many people through the way he thought and the way he worked, both at STEIM and on the stage. So much of what we do in our world of creative music making simply would not have existed without him. Thank you, Michel.

Butch Rovan

Even though we met briefly, Michel´s energy and creative force was an immense source of encouragement to me personally. As I am honored to have met him and I also wish to thank STEIM for all their profound research in the world of sound and giving us opportunities with the clear guidance of Michel Waisvisz.

Ibrahim Quraishi

I was honored to be able to keep your instruments for several days in my office.. and more honored to hear and feel your touch on them; a touch that has gone far beyond thoughts of a generation... .

Rest in peace... .

Arshia Cont

Thanks, Michel, for the opportunities you gave to me and to so many people. Thanks also for your own inspiring creativity, and even more so for your inspiring spirit.

Michael T. Bullock

Dear STEIM people,

please allow me to express my deepest condolences at the death of Michel Waisvisz. When I saw him last in February, I knew that the situation was serious, but one never really knows how serious things can be. Words never seem to do the right job at times like these, either sounding too formal or too contrived. I'd rather think about Michel's warm smile, gentle humor and incredible energy. Please pass my sincere well-wishings to all the folks at STEIM and most of all to Michel's partner and child.

from Berlin,
Derek Holzer

i never had a chance to meet michel, but i hoped to one day. i have used my cracklebox with glee for several years, and have passed it on to numerous friends either by gift or recommendation - and all have responded to it with equal fervor. heaven is a much noisier place now.

Bruce Tovsky

He leaves us with a mighty legacy of local and international community. May his spirit continue to inspire this community.

Pauline Oliveros