Guesthouse rental

Starting from the 15th of February STEIM will unfortunately lose its guesthouse facilities. At the moment we are looking into other options. The information below applies only to those staying at our guesthouse prior to the 15th of February 2015.

STEIM runs a small artist guesthouse as part of its facilities. The guesthouse is in the same building complex as the studios and R&D labs, and is occupied by fellow artists and researchers. The scheduling of the rooms is managed by STEIM’s facility manager, who can be contacted for information and reservation at nico[at]steim[dot]nl.

We currently face a policy of funding cuts for the arts by the Dutch government. As a result, STEIM is now formally obliged to gain extra income in order to cover a sizeable portion of our annual operating costs. To help meet this quota we’ve begun charging for accomodation in the guest house. Our fees are very cheap by Amsterdam standards, and make it possible for STEIM to continue supporting the electronic music community through our program of workshops, concerts, and artist residencies.


Overview of rental fees per room per night including 21% VAT:

Independent guests:

  • Single room €45
  • Double room €60
  • Triple room €70

Artistic residents:

  • Single room €22
  • Double room €35
  • Triple room €48

Workshop/masterclass attendants:

  • Single room €35
  • Double room €45
  • Triple room €55

The guesthouse has three guest rooms and two individual apartments. All the spaces are clean, basic and simply furnished. All guest rooms share one kitchen, shower and toilet, which are on the same floor as the common living area. The individual apartments have their own kitchen, shower and toilet. STEIM’s guesthouse is a self catering accommodation. Meaning it is not a hotel and each guest must keep their own room, the kitchen and other common living areas tidy and clean during their stay.

Since there is no official reception for the guesthouse you must arrange your time of arrival in advance by e-mail to ensure we will be available to welcome you and check you in upon arrival. While booking your tickets and planning your time of arrival please take into account that STEIM’s office is opened from Monday to Thursday during office hours.


Guest room

Living room

Guest room

How to make a reservation:

Booking a room at the guesthouse is arranged by sending an email to the above mentioned email address. Please contact us to enquire about availability of rooms and studios during your confirmed residency. Please specify in the email: YOUR NAME, YOUR PROJECT and THE DATES you are interested in staying and we will reply with our availability for that time.

For the address and directions go here.